A country house, rebuilt with sophistication and good taste, that respects and preserves the details that make this a unique space.

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Casa do Gadanha was born from a dream of Michele Marques: to have a house for receiving guests with the same love and dedication she gives the customers of her restaurant, Mercearia Gadanha.

The dream to have a country house came true in the centre of a city, that became her home since 2005. Casa Gadanha was born in an ancient palace of an old family of Alentejo, located in one of the most central streets of Estremoz.

Everything that was possible to keep from the original building was kept. Everything that is new was planned to provide guests with the maximum comfort in the 12 available rooms.

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They call it the white city of Alentejo, not only because of the colour of the houses, spreading throughout a hill, surrounded by historical walls, but also on account of the abundant sites from where the famous and world renowned Estremoz marble is extracted.

At a 30 minutes ride from Évora and 1h30 from Lisbon, Estremoz is surrounded by the plains of Alentejo and the ridges of Serra d’Ossa, with beautiful and diversified landscapes, from the unique Montado Alentejano and all the way through endless vineyards.

A perfect weekend in Estremoz should start with a visit to the traditional market (every Saturday) and then be followed by the discovery of Estremoz historical heritage, from the towering Torre de Menagem to the Convent das Maltesas. And, of course, a superb meal at Mercearia Gadanha.

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House Details

Casa do Gadanha is filled with delightful details that you can find and appreciate at every visit: from the door and original tiles to the marble basins, iron grilles, ceramic pines or even a section of pavement made of wood, with a star shape motif that was taken from one of the original bedrooms and applied to the living room floor, so that all guests can appreciate it.

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